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Data is the new gold. Not because data is scarce or expensive, but because of their strategic importance in making the right choices within your company. Eminds is active in three domains that focus on managing, streamlining and automating data processes.

We build your Enterprise Architecture together. We look for the most efficient way to integrate your data into the various software modules via APIs. We automate manual data input and business processes based on reliable technology. You can also expect a hands-on and no-nonsense approach. In this way we guide you quickly and efficiently towards a data-driven business model.
    • Who?

      Eminds selects its experts based on your specific business needs. Our team consists of civil, commercial and industrial engineers who use their data mindset and soft skills during every implementation.

    • How?

      Data collection is done in two ways. On the one hand, it can be done via an automatic process such as machine data capture. Or we collect data by connecting smart, connected devices with numerous sensors to your data platform via the Internet of Things.

    • Why?

      Is your data still available analog? Then we digitize important business processes by developing low code apps. With the help of this technology, we are able to quickly and flexibly create business apps that capture data through the input of your employees.

    • Result?

      Once the raw data is available, we transform it into valuable insights that help you make better decisions. With the help of Business Intelligence we guide you to a data-driven business model.

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  • “ERP software will move to 'open and collaborative processes'. ERP has the general knowledge for its industry, but it is not thinking out of the box. It's providing standard processes, but it will not make the difference against competitors. Use ERP software for what it was build but keep custom development away. It will make an upgrade of your ERP to a new version a lot easier and less expensive”


DIGITAL NEXT ARCHITECTURE The answer to a changing world

In a fast-paced world, every business needs a Digital Next Architecture (DNA) that supports its strategy and DNA. This consists of a central ERP system that is used for standard business processes and is supported with top-of-mind software that is tailored to your industry in a 'Best-of-breed' concept.

Digital next architecture

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